Tasmanian Dusk

I remember this day. We were visiting my wife's family just south of Hobart in a little town called Snug. I went for a drive one afternoon for a couple of hours on my own just for a little exploration's sake. It was a lovely country drive along a winding road that hugged the curves of a lake & the undulations of small green hills. I was after just one good landscape photo & I'd keep looking for a good place to set up & shoot but the light wasn't great, & the afternoon was quickly fading into evening. Eventually I stopped at a likely little place, set the camera up on the tripod, attached the lens, filter frame & a graduated tobacco filter. A tiny break in the clouds let a little light into the world, & suddenly a little colour came into the day for a last fleeting instant. I held my breath & fired off a single frame. It was a hushed, windless, solitary moment & I was glad to be there. An instant later, the light vanished & it was almost dark & beginning to rain gently by the time I put away my gear. I knew I had the shot & I drove home happy. I love landscape photography.

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  1. Damn I miss the light in Tassie, Have been gone two years now. Thanks for the photo.