My friend Brett Caller, laying down a nice line on a Sage Joske hand shaped epoxy quad fish, Indicators, Raglan, New Zealand.


  1. Hi Nathan,
    Thanks for the note mate,
    I really appreciate it coming from you as I have a huge amount of respect for you and your work.
    I will have that beer at some stage soon, you betcha, but right now I have to walk down the street and check a rail my son wants to skate.
    Aaaah being a Dad.

  2. my pleasure mick. thank you for the kind words. i hear you about being a dad mate. my little bloke skateboarded for the first time unassisted yesterday. he bravely started bombing a little slope on my parents' driveway while my dad & i were shaping a board. there's no doubt about it: he's a natural footer like his dad & grandfather. we were proud as punch. being a dad is hard work, but it's worth it. good on you mick, cheers, n.