Bodysurf #3

My mate Ryan Heywood's online zine continues to gather happy momentum. Here's a great shot from Bodysurf #3 by Chad Waldron of Heydon Bunting throwing himself over a ledge not too far from my house.

Heydon is a another good mate of mine. He plays an important part in my film Seaworthy. Anyone who knows this particular stretch of reef would be impressed that Heydon is willing to take it on with just a pair of swimfins; but anyone who really knows Heydon wouldn't be especially surprised. He craves a deeply involved experience of surfing.


  1. Heydon's part is my favoutite in Seaworthy. Great to see how he rips on everything!


  2. Gday Eef. Thanks for your reply. I'm happy to hear you enjoyed Heydon's section. It took a long time to make. I spent so many hours over a two year period standing on the beach to collect all that footage. I used to feel pretty sorry for myself. Geez, Heydon used to feel sorry for me too. He'd beg me to go surf with him: "Put the camera away mate! It's too fun out there!". So it's rewarding to hear after all that time that people appreciate that part of the film. Thanks Eef.

  3. its been a goal of mine since issue #1 to either get a shot run in heywoods mag or be in a shot. Issue 3 i did both haha so stoked.

    Nathan, would you like to check out that clip i shot, i have that and a couple others from that day i shot in HD at 50fps. email me at if your keen