The La La Society via Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy, recording for his album 'The Harrowing Account Of John William Tate', at Pete's farm, Winter 2008.

My mate Mike McCarthy is travelling in California at the moment, sharing his journey via his blog ( & the odd email. He's just posted up his version of a song that Tom Wegener wrote. It's called the 'La La Society' & is downloadable for free at the following link:

I might be biased, but I reckon it's pretty special. Hearing Tom sing it gently & earnestly late at night after a good meal & a beer or two is pretty special too. Enjoy.

(And if you happen to see Mike wandering by, give him a meal & take him surfing; you may well be rewarded with a private gig that will touch your heart & stroke your soul. Yep, he's that good).

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