Korduroy Kollective

Korduroy.tv did a little piece on me over at www.korduroy.tv/#/?pid=shows It was nice to be invited.

Photo: Eliza Oldfield


My good mate Sage Joske of Valla Surfboards is currently making me a new quad fish & I am frothing.


A couple of months back I met Ben Conquest while shooting a mutual friend sliding at a nearby spot. He had this strange pinhole camera contraption, made from cardboard, a paddlepop stick & a roll of film. Super lo-fi. He sent a photo through this week & here it is.

Photo: Ben Conquest

Up & Running

Korduroy TV is up & running: http://www.korduroy.tv/

& their blog here too: http://www.korduroytv.blogspot.com/



Surfers can't help themselves. We see tubing ledges in malformed corn chips, we mind surf embankments on the side of the road when driving. Even now, years after high school, I still find myself backdooring an a-frame of a folded sheet of paper with my finger during tedious meetings. Ever since I can remember, I've always looked at lakes & fantasized about swell lines refracting around their points & into their coves. I can see a left coming from around the corner behind these trees, then wrapping down along the contour of this little finger of land: sand bottom bliss, a crazy left skatepark fun zone. Yew! Out there!

My Friend Jim

Here's a portrait of my friend Jim Mitchell, the surfer/artist/designer/gentleman behind surf-art label The Critical Slide Society.

Paul Joske

A few weeks back I was fortunate enough to document Paul Joske pursuing a lifetime dream. Over a decade ago, Paul planted a grove of paulownia trees, with the intention being to grow his own surfboard. Years later, here he is, finally harvesting the precious timber. It was a privilege to be there, and I look forward to following the journey of Paul's project.



Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.

Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

Robert Frost

This was the first poem I ever learnt by heart, when I was just a little kid, and it still resonates, sometimes in haunting whispers.

Sometimes I wonder if all of this photography and filmmaking isn't just a feeble resistance to all that's sinking in this our Eden: a futile attempt to capture the fading moments, the ephemeral beauty, the fleeting life. If I'm honest, perhaps I work to, in Dylan Thomas' words: 'Rage, rage against the dying of the light.'


Here's Heydon Bunting's section from Seaworthy. This sequence plays an important part in the film & the underlying message is inherently clear: the credo of 'ride everything' isn't about trying to be one of the cool kids, it's about broadening one's experiences as a surfer & engaging with the sea in deeper ways. Like several friends of mine, Heydon's been doing this stuff for a long time, under the radar. He's a beautiful surfer.

The song in this sequence is called 'Visiting Hours' by Isaac de Heer from his wonderful self-titled album. More at: www.isaacdeheer.com

Heydon Bunting Sequence: From Seaworthy from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.


Trips, again, throwing down his one footers in the good light of winter.

Hungry Sea

If you look long enough, you can see the sea eating mountains. It's a good reminder of how small & transient we all are.


Sea Solace

Solitude at sea has given me innumerable, priceless moments; just sitting alone out the back in between sets, enjoying the light & the whisper of the sea & the feel of the water, being grateful for the stillness & the solace & the simplicity.