Here's Heydon Bunting's section from Seaworthy. This sequence plays an important part in the film & the underlying message is inherently clear: the credo of 'ride everything' isn't about trying to be one of the cool kids, it's about broadening one's experiences as a surfer & engaging with the sea in deeper ways. Like several friends of mine, Heydon's been doing this stuff for a long time, under the radar. He's a beautiful surfer.

The song in this sequence is called 'Visiting Hours' by Isaac de Heer from his wonderful self-titled album. More at: www.isaacdeheer.com

Heydon Bunting Sequence: From Seaworthy from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.


  1. I love this section almost as much as i love Haydon!

    when is your next movie coming out nathan?

  2. http://www.swellnet.com.au/sessions.php?session=Channel_viewing_070809.php
    Check the last two pics
    Same Haydon?
    Charging slabby reefs sans equipment, hats off to you good sir.

  3. Hey Chad. Thanks. Glad you enjoyed this part of my film. Yep, Heydon is wonderfully inspiring. Such a good surfer.

    To answer your question, I'm already shooting & editing for my next project but it'll be a while yet. I'm a full-time school teacher & a dad too so I'm kinda slow at putting surffilms together.

    Slow but sure.

  4. this is one of my all time favourite movie parts

  5. fantastic sequence. so good i posted it too

  6. Yeah sick. We'll if your looking for any footage let me know. I have a fair bit of footage of some of the central coast boys like Mooney, Jug, Ace, Dom and kerry etc