River Sea

Our son River Sea Aragorn Oldfield slipped into this world's realm through a dust storm on Wednesday, September 23rd. As ever, his mother was remarkably courageous & powerful. She is my heart's truest darling & my hero. How remarkable & how endless & how selfless is a mother's love.

River is the very welcome gift from our lost daughter Willow Blue Lotus Ariel; & he is the pride & the joy of his big brother Noa Joel Strider & big sister Blossom Sun Malia.

We finally brought River home from hospital today. He is doing wonderfully well, already showing signs of naturalfooterness, gentleness, strength, beauty, goodness, peace & grace.

How strange to live in a world that is cruel & tender. How difficult, how delicious; how bewildering & bewitching. River is daily reminding me of the lesson taught by his mother, his brother & his sisters: life is good, & every breath a gift.


  1. Congrats! Good people having babies makes the world a better place.

  2. Congratulations on your new joy!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Welcome to Planet Brine little fella & congratulations to all the bigger Oldfields.

  4. Thank you all. He's wonderful, laying on my chest now as I write, warm & deep-breathing & milk-smelling, all soft & contented & lovely.

  5. Congrats Nathan! All the best for your family!


  6. Congratulations nathan, may peace and love walk alongside with you and your lovely family.

    All the best

  7. Congratulations bro. Another gift to the world.
    Happy for your family!