Seeking Tunes

Hello friends. I'm making another surf film & I'm seeking out new music for the soundtrack. As I'm an independent filmmaker on a self-funded budget, one my biggest challenges is sourcing music for film projects.

I have some friends in bands who have generously given me their music in the past. They have been happy to give me their work for free in return for having their music reach a wider audience through surf films. Lots of them have told me it’s been beneficial to have been involved, in terms of helping them to get their names out there. Obviously, it's good for all of us.

So I'm writing in the hope that there may be people out there reading this who are making music, or friends of people making music, who'd like to submit some of their work.

It'd sure be nice to hear from you. You could email me mp3s, or if you prefer snail mail me a disc of songs. Please contact me at if you're keen.



  1. Hey Nathan, I have heard these three guys doing jazzy busking in Brisbane and liked them so much I got some info from Glen's Espresso - a mobile coffee dude where they played. I don't know them. But Glen gave me one of their emails (below). cheers Neil

  2. Cheers Neil. Thanks for thinking of me. I'll try & chase them down.

  3. hi there. a friend of mine gave me this link. i too am an independent artist, and you're welcome to listen to some tracks at Not sure they'll be your cup of tea, but you're welcome to use any of them, as they're CC licensed. If you like them and need a wav version, contact me at european at thesoundofeuropean dot com.

  4. Personally, I don't know why any newer good artist wouldn't be jumping at this chance. I find more music that a listen to over long periods of time from surf movie soundtracks. Whether the band made it or not, the songs still stick for me.