The Third & The Seventh

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

My mate Mike turned me onto this exquisite, impossibly well-crafted piece of filmmaking. Unbelievably, it's an entirely computer generated piece, put together by one very gifted & dedicated human being. The filmmaker, Alex Roman, has not only conceived this short film, but he's also been responsible for its modelling, texturing, illumination, rendering, postproduction, editing, sound design & orchestration. It'll take a while to download but it's worth the wait, believe me. Pure, stunning, gorgeous inspiration.

Old Salt

My mate, Bones, who generously took me sailing aboard his yacht for the sailing sequences in Seaworthy. An old salt, a surfer, a good husband & father, a fellow sea-lover, & wonderfully warm human being. Good old Bones.

The Healer

My friend Dave Platt is a master board restorer. Personally, I reckon his work is world class. He breathes new life into old, forgotten, given-up-for-dead-well-beyond-their-used-by-date-surfcraft. Anyone who has had a go at restoring surfboards or even just repaired a few significant dings will appreciate how much time & energy is involved in such activities. Dave can turn trash into treasure, yet - importantly - he isn't especially interested in wall hangers. Dave's more passionate about restoring old wave sliding toys to an image of their old glory, & then returning them to the sea. It's all about giving new purpose to neglected broken things. It has been a true joy to ride several-decades-old-surfboards that Dave has restored, to feel again fresh trimlines that once were experienced beneath other, distant feet; generations ago. Sure, I am aware that I am a hopeless romantic; but I love riding old surfboards, if only to pay homage to those surfers who rode before me, & to taste those feelings that they must have so savoured so long ago.

If you, like me, are interested in such things, check the progress of Dave's restorations here & check his behind the scenes activities here.

Bodysurf #4

Old mate Ryan Heywood's latest international gathering of fine images is now up & running. Yew!

Dawn Patrol

I've had more than a few fruitless dawn patrols this lacklustre summer. Still, it's always good to be out about to smell the salt on the clean air & watch the morning unfurl its splendour.


Mike, again, adding the howl of the power planer to the shrill cicada song of summer.

Building Joy

Dear mates Mike, Lisa & baby Annika have come all the way from Nova Scotia to stay with us for the summer. I gave Mike an alaia blank that I got from Tom Wegener & he's just finished making his first ever surfboard. I'm sure it won't be his last. There's nothing in the world quite like riding your own handmade wave sliding toy. Good times.


Men do change, and change comes like a little wind that ruffles the curtains at dawn, and it comes like the stealthy perfume of wildflowers hidden in the grass. John Steinbeck


My mate Brett Caller. Always happy. Always friendly. Always keen to surf. A pleasure to be around.

Valla Saltwater Constructs

I made a new promotional short for my mate Sage Joske. The first Valla Promo we did covered the different fish models that Sage is making, & gave a fairly comprehensive description of the charcteristics of each. For this promo, we wanted to showcase the fish again, but also the other designs Sage has been working on, including logs, alaias & the alaia/fish hybrid Sage has dubbed the Vector. Basically, we wanted to just show how well the boards are working & how much fun the lads are having riding them.

Valla Saltwater Constructs from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.