The Healer

My friend Dave Platt is a master board restorer. Personally, I reckon his work is world class. He breathes new life into old, forgotten, given-up-for-dead-well-beyond-their-used-by-date-surfcraft. Anyone who has had a go at restoring surfboards or even just repaired a few significant dings will appreciate how much time & energy is involved in such activities. Dave can turn trash into treasure, yet - importantly - he isn't especially interested in wall hangers. Dave's more passionate about restoring old wave sliding toys to an image of their old glory, & then returning them to the sea. It's all about giving new purpose to neglected broken things. It has been a true joy to ride several-decades-old-surfboards that Dave has restored, to feel again fresh trimlines that once were experienced beneath other, distant feet; generations ago. Sure, I am aware that I am a hopeless romantic; but I love riding old surfboards, if only to pay homage to those surfers who rode before me, & to taste those feelings that they must have so savoured so long ago.

If you, like me, are interested in such things, check the progress of Dave's restorations here & check his behind the scenes activities here.