Farewell Old Mate

My friend Foz died today, killed this morning in a motorcycle accident on the freeway on his way to work. He was only thirty-three years old. A breathing, vibrant, passionate young man, full of promise & hope & expectation.

I haven't been close to him for a while now, but we'd shared a few memories together: so many cold, empty, windy days out at The Point, when no one else could be bothered; quiet talks at the lookout while sea-gazing; waves of a lifetime at empty reef passes in Polynesia; handwritten overseas correspondence in the days before email; a few dinners with my growing family over the years; the wide smile & wild sparkle of his eyes on his wedding day; the wounded disappointment in those same eyes when his marriage failed a few years later.

My favourite memory of Foz is being cocooned with him in the back of a pickup between a pile of surfboards, while driving across Upolu, Western Samoa: blissed out after weeks of surfing ourselves silly, watching the sun sink across the jagged teeth of grand verdant tropical mountains, while drinking several longnecks of good hearty Vailima beer & toasting our good fortune. It was nearly fifteen years ago now, but it doesn't really feel like it. We were young & bullet-proof & life was endless & good.

Right now a southerly change has arrived to kick the guts out of the heat of this summer's day. Rain & wind lash the windows, as if in recognition. It is fitting: so should the sky so rage against dark thief death.

Foz was a surfer & a dreamer. He was deeply in love with the sea & the earth & his creator. Finally, he has arrived to the place of final, everlasting, once-&-for-all homecoming.

Farewell old mate, & welcome home.


  1. Mate I never knew your friend and we've never met but my heart goes out to you. Take care.

  2. sorry to hear about your loss- be well and keep the memories active and alive

  3. Oldy, a fitting eulogy for on old and good friend. take care.

  4. Dark thief death indeed. And still we fight. That we all could have someone to remember us so well.

  5. Rest In Peace.
    I recently lost my Dad.
    My heart goes out to you.

  6. Thank you for all the kind words of sympathy mates.

  7. Landing some type now
    Life is fickle, keep dreaming
    And loving, despite