Yuta Sezutsu, stretching through the afternoon light. He held this five forever.


sol·i·tude (n).
1. the state of being alone, separated from other people, whether considered as a welcome freedom from disturbance or as an unhappy loneliness
2. a quality of quiet remoteness or seclusion in places from which human activity is generally absent
3. a remote or uninhabited place (literary)

Solitude from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.

This is a short piece I just finished, featuring Sage Joske riding a quad fish that he made for himself. The song, entitled 'Blue', is from Mike McCarthy's imaginative, wonderful instrumental album 'Colours'.

Sage is surfing alone on a winter afternoon at a favourite local spot, rinsing off the foam dust after a hard day’s work in the shaping bay at Valla Surfboards.

A lot of us can relate to squeezing in a late session before dark after work or school. Some of my favourite memories in a lifetime of surfing include those late afternoon solo sessions when the late glass-off went unnoticed or the small favourable change in swell & tide somehow went under the radar.

Sure, it’s fun to surf with mates & hoot & holler & chat between sets, but surfing alone has always been one of my favourite things to do. There’s no audience, no ego, no distractions; surfing becomes reduced to its purest sense, a dance for dancing’s sake.

How I savour those unseen, unshared moments. Hence I decided to call this piece ‘Solitude’.


My good buddy Dane Peterson has had his work profiled here.

Well worth a look & read. I'm always super inspired by Dane's surfing & photography. More importantly, he's a beautiful human being & I'm honoured to call him friend.

Waiting Game

Surfing teaches patience. Sometimes we wait, sometimes we score. This past week, I scored! Hence the lack of blog posts. It was nice to have a week away up north, to go surfing, & to shoot still & moving pictures of friends playing in an epic swell. So happy.

The Happening

Stoked to see my mates Ryan Heywood & Dane Peterson getting their work included in The Happening. Yeeeeewwwww! They deserve it.


Sometimes the peak moments of a session are subtle things, invisible to everybody else. Belinda Baggs, up & over

No Ship

In a few weeks' time, despite an absolute absence of local community consultation, the Government plans to scuttle a 4,000 tonne ex-navy warship only 1700 metres from the shore of Avoca Beach in order to build a dive site to attract tourists to the area. Needless to say, lots of us in the nearby vicinity aren't happy. Please visit here to add your voice to the cry of 'No Ship'.


The Spanish Bowline

My cousin & dear mate Jozef Oldfield has a nice blog of photographs up & running here. Drop by & say gday.

TCSS helmsman, Jim Mitchell, getting his shred on at Kiddies. Photo: Josepe

Concrete Slidery

Here's a thing I made for my friends at The Critical Slide Society featuring team rider Johnny Gill enjoying the morning with his son Wylie at their local skatepark.

Concrete Slidery from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.