sol·i·tude (n).
1. the state of being alone, separated from other people, whether considered as a welcome freedom from disturbance or as an unhappy loneliness
2. a quality of quiet remoteness or seclusion in places from which human activity is generally absent
3. a remote or uninhabited place (literary)

Solitude from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.

This is a short piece I just finished, featuring Sage Joske riding a quad fish that he made for himself. The song, entitled 'Blue', is from Mike McCarthy's imaginative, wonderful instrumental album 'Colours'.

Sage is surfing alone on a winter afternoon at a favourite local spot, rinsing off the foam dust after a hard day’s work in the shaping bay at Valla Surfboards.

A lot of us can relate to squeezing in a late session before dark after work or school. Some of my favourite memories in a lifetime of surfing include those late afternoon solo sessions when the late glass-off went unnoticed or the small favourable change in swell & tide somehow went under the radar.

Sure, it’s fun to surf with mates & hoot & holler & chat between sets, but surfing alone has always been one of my favourite things to do. There’s no audience, no ego, no distractions; surfing becomes reduced to its purest sense, a dance for dancing’s sake.

How I savour those unseen, unshared moments. Hence I decided to call this piece ‘Solitude’.


  1. Agree with you: surfing alone (with one's thoughts) is the best surfing possible. Lovely piece!


  2. looks and sounds inspiring - now I've just gotta find an empty line up around here!

  3. another great piece Nathan... .you definitely captured that feeling, nothing better than walking up the beach in near darkness after a session like that.

  4. hello Nathan!