Joe Conway has a nice piece up & running on Drift, an interview with Taylor Steele about his upcoming film 'Castles In The Sky'.

Last 3 Minutes

"The Last 3 Minutes" From Shane Hurlbut, ASC from Shane Hurlbut, ASC on Vimeo.

Wonderful how moving pictures can take so little time to stir your heart so deeply. Remarkably, this piece is shot on a 5D MarkII. Incredible work in so many ways, on so many levels.

Lump Sum

So love the work of Vincent Moon, especially when he's shooting people like Bon Iver:

Bon Iver - Lump Sum from Chris Dickey on Vimeo.

Beauty & wonderment.


Isaac Blyth, exploring the possibilities on a finless eps alaia hybrid made by Tom Wegener, a model that Tom has dubbed 'The Tuna'.

Korduroy Virtual Film Festival

Korduroy TV is extending last weekend’s Sacred Craft Short Film Fest. The top 5 favorite short films will be streaming shortly on This worldwide web premiere will only last for 24 hours.

Korduroy's Virtual Film Festival- THIS FRIDAY! from on Vimeo.

Four of the five films are original works made specifically for the festival & none of these films have ever been shown publicly on the web. The films are "Plain Old Planing Hull" by Richard Kenvin, "3 SLOBS" by Jeremy Asher Lynch, "Home Is Where the Surf Is" by Branden Aroyan, "Tarp Pits" by Cyrus Sutton & "A Brief History" by Tyler Manson.

Critical Sliders

Critical Sliders from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.

This is something I made for my friends at The Critical Slide Society. It features the slipperyisms of Sage Joske, Kameron Brown, Brett Calller, Jacob Stuth & Matt Cuddihy. The song is called 'Let Go' by The Villainares.

Sacred Craft

Korduroy TV will be keeping it short and sweet at this year’s Sacred Craft Korduroy Film Lounge, which will be held April 10 and 11th in Ventura, California.

The Korduroy Lounge will feature an eclectic mix of rare short surf film material based on the theme “exploration: from the shaping bay into the water” that will include works by:

Johnny Abegg, Branden Aroyan, Bud Browne/Anna Moore, Jaimie Budge, Thomas Campbell, Jack Chellemi ,Will Connor, George Greenough, Richard Kenvin/Hydronamica, Life is Just Swell, Jeremy Lynch and the 3 slobs, Tyler Manson, Jack McCoy, Nathan Oldfield, Jeff Parker, Steve Soderberg, Thomas Stillwell, Cyrus Sutton, Ryan Thomas, Greg Tildesley, Timmy Turner, Mick Waters, Greg Weaver, Allan Weisbecker & Spyder Wills.

Plus a special preview of THE TYLER WARREN EXPERIMENT by John Smart and Mark Jeremias, who have teamed up to complete this highly anticipated project.

Korduroy founder Cyrus Sutton explains “When we first thought of doing this we were expecting to put up some shorts from along with some work from our friends, but as word spread we’ve gotten an overwhelming number of submissions from across the globe. We’re now excited to share a collection of shorts from what’s becoming a who’s who of legendary and up-and-coming filmmakers, many of which have made their films specially for this event.”

Nice to be involved in a small way in this event. Geez I wish I could be there. A peek at The Tyler Warren Experiment would alone be worth the price of admission, I'm thinking.

Kameron Brown

Kameron Brown, super happy to be here in the wide wonderful land of Oz. So happy, I hear he's cancelled his ticket home.


David Rastovich, pre-launch blessing exchange with his Olo shaped by Tom Wegener.


Dave has just had Tom make him an olo, very similar to the one I filmed Tom ride in Seaworthy.

It is an extraordinarily beautiful surfboard. It would stir any surfer's heart. No one was around when I popped in to Tom’s shed to check the board out. It was just me & a great length of gorgeous, meticulously crafted timber. The olo has a presence all of its own, a kind of energy that is majestic & intimidating at the same time. It is sixteen feet long, made from solid paulownia, with an incredibly rounded hull & deck, & quite pinched rails. It is very heavy, I could hardly pick it up off Tom’s shaping racks when I tried.

I was fortunate enough to witness & document Dave christen the olo for the first time, standing shoulder to shoulder with my old mate Tom, as I filmed while Tom took photos. My good buddy Mick Waters also shot from another angle, so together we’ll have some good footage to work with.

Watching it all unfurl beside Tom was really special. It felt like some kind of passing of the torch. Very few surfers on the planet could have ridden those waves on that board as Dave did. It was a gruelling session on a very challenging surfcraft. After witnessing Dave’s first complete ride, Tom & I hugged ecstatically, all goosebumped & jittery & deeply stoked, understanding that we had seen a significantly remarkable moment unfold.

Pure inspiration, on so many levels.

1000 Frames

Skateboarding filmed with the Phantom Camera from Billabong on Vimeo.

Love this shoot & edit. Wish I could capture loggin with this Phantom Camera one day. Super gnar.