David Rastovich, pre-launch blessing exchange with his Olo shaped by Tom Wegener.


Dave has just had Tom make him an olo, very similar to the one I filmed Tom ride in Seaworthy.

It is an extraordinarily beautiful surfboard. It would stir any surfer's heart. No one was around when I popped in to Tom’s shed to check the board out. It was just me & a great length of gorgeous, meticulously crafted timber. The olo has a presence all of its own, a kind of energy that is majestic & intimidating at the same time. It is sixteen feet long, made from solid paulownia, with an incredibly rounded hull & deck, & quite pinched rails. It is very heavy, I could hardly pick it up off Tom’s shaping racks when I tried.

I was fortunate enough to witness & document Dave christen the olo for the first time, standing shoulder to shoulder with my old mate Tom, as I filmed while Tom took photos. My good buddy Mick Waters also shot from another angle, so together we’ll have some good footage to work with.

Watching it all unfurl beside Tom was really special. It felt like some kind of passing of the torch. Very few surfers on the planet could have ridden those waves on that board as Dave did. It was a gruelling session on a very challenging surfcraft. After witnessing Dave’s first complete ride, Tom & I hugged ecstatically, all goosebumped & jittery & deeply stoked, understanding that we had seen a significantly remarkable moment unfold.

Pure inspiration, on so many levels.


  1. Beautiful story! thanks for sharing.
    Aloha, Cher and Steve

  2. Powerful shots Nathan. You can feel his energy- you captured it nicely friend!

  3. yes very beautifull story. Thanks Nathan!


  4. Thanks mates. It was a pleasure & privilege to behold the moment. I was just lucky to be there, catching the light.

  5. Pure magic moments captured on film. Thank you!!!