Hands On The Rails

Alex Knost, envisioning.

I'm happy to be corrected, but I think it was Dane Kealoha who, when asked what was his favourite thing in surfing, replied that it was when his hands were on the rails; meaning that instant of anticipation when you're looking down the line & about to leap to your feet. I agree that it's one of a surfing life's most special moments: all that thinking, planning, waiting, paddling, dreaming & searching distilled in a split second of pure, simple, joyful expectation.

I've been out of the sea with a post-op ear for forty-six days now. I've had a lot of time to think about these kind of hands-on-the-rails moments. Just yesterday, my doctor finally gave me the green light to go surfing. Stoked.

This weekend I'm heading north with family & friends for a couple of weeks of reacquainting myself with saltwater, & sampling some cobblestone points. Blog entries may be few & far between. As always, thanks for dropping by this little bit of cyberspace to have a Look & Sea.


  1. Good to hEAR you are back in the water Nathan.
    Could'nt think of a better place to get wet again. Speaking of hands on rails, waves permitting I'll be giving the Woods a run over the weekend. David.

  2. Welcome back Nathan!! I hope your days back in the ocean and take most of them with your family. I'm also spending a few days in Fuerteventura with my mom and sis.
    Un abrazo amigo!

  3. Happy days! cheers and safe travels

  4. yaaaay... that was a long time landlocked... have a great trip Oldies


  5. oh my. the moment described is vivid in my mind. I'm glad your back in the water, i've only recently re-immersed and know the joy. Hope your sliding down so beautiful ones right now.