One of my favourite things to do in surfing is just to touch the water, to feel all that liquid silk playing beneath my fingertips. Here's me, riding a twelve footer shaped by Paul Joske. Achieving pure trim on this surfboard & dragging my hand in the lip is one of the most supreme pleasures in my simple life. This beautiful twelve footer is a lifetime surfboard that I treasure deeply. Thanks to my friend Ben Conquest for this photo. Ben has a rad blog here.


  1. Your pictures are so inspiring, I wish I could live like you! You've definitely inspired me to take more photos more often. Thankyou and keep doing this it's amazing :)

  2. A lifetime board. And one from Paul is about and good as you can get.

  3. I meant.. a lifetime board from Paul is about as good as you can get...

    Anyway Nathan, how's tricks?

  4. Hi this is Tiki Dont you bring that bloody big thing up to the Bay yo hear

  5. Russ: thanks mate, a nice little moment in between the wobbles perhaps. But that's one of the joys of a twelve-o, it tends to iron out the creases.

    Anon: thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you like my photographs.

    Mick: cheers cobber. All good up here thank you mate. Best regards to you & yours.

    Tiki: I've already ridden it out the bay, on tiny empty winter days. Hey, it beats the bunch of SUPs that you get out there all the time now!