Two Weeks Tour

My mate Johnny Abegg is taking his wonderful, thoughtful film 'Two Weeks' on tour this week.

Stoked & Broke Online Tour

Cyrus' rad film goes online for three days later this week. More details here. It's a beautiful surf film. Try watch!

The Sea Life

I'm always stoked to check out Matt Johnson's lovely work. He's just finished a new hard cover coffee table photo annual featuring the best of The Sea Life from the last twelve months.

Pure radgnar! Seek your copy here.

Good Ship

Stoked & honoured to be invited aboard the good ship Patagonia. Thanks again for the invitation, mates.


So ends a day in one of my favourite places in the world. Love that feeling of saltwater drying on my skin, with paddling arms deliciously sore, racking my board onto the roof, anticipating dinner & a quiet night of family time at home. Joy.

Cave Dweller

My mate Kerry Down is probably the most shacked up human I know. Here's a little edit he's put together of happy times around some of our local spots, cut to some tunes by our mutual friend Luke Aloyisus Gallen.

The song is called 'Means To An End' & some of you might recognise it from 'Seaworthy'. Yew! Tidy work Kerry!

The Waxhead Diaries

Long before it was cool, my good cobber Matt Chojnacki was already one of the finest left of centre surfboard aficionados in the country. Matty is currently working on a series of webisodes, exploring his own unique take on the often overlooked cradle of performance surfing that is Sydney. Here's the first one. Try watch.

The Waxhead Diaries (trailer) from The Waxhead Diaries on Vimeo.




Buffalo Bill's
who used to
ride a water-smooth-silver
and break onetwothreefourfive pigeonsjustlikethat
he was a handsome man
and what i want to know is
how do you like your blueeyed boy
Mister Death

e.e. cummings


Never knew him but admired Andy Iron's frontside highline hack (pure Curren-esque, clean & crisp & no hand jive) & his commitment to heaving tubes. So sad to see a man cut down in the prime of his living, only weeks before becoming a first time father. So sorry for his grieving wife. Life is a precious gift, fleeting. Let us savour what we have left of it.

Morning Of The Mo

Looks to be another loose weekend of singlefin shenanigans. More information here.