Lines From A Poem / Video On Demand

The Surf Network now has my first film 'Lines From A Poem' available as a video-on-demand download for $9.99. I released this film back in 2003, but in lots of ways it kind of went under the radar. So I'm stoked it's easily available to anyone who wants to see where my filmmaking began. For those of you who are interested, you can seek it here.


  1. Under the rader?
    I can still remember picking this up in a small surfshop in here in Ireland, it's still probably one of my favourite logging movies:)

    Just wanted to say thanks.

  2. It's resting on my shelf, bought it in a shop in the Netherlands! Keep up the good work! Thumbs up!

  3. Awesome movie!! We screened it last year at the Zinematik Surfing Film Festival in Zarautz, Basque Country, and the people loved it!!
    Thank you Nathan!

  4. Phew...Ireland, Netherlands & Basque Country. So humbling & so amazing for me that my little homemade surf film has travelled so far. At the time I was making it, the plan was just to copy it to blank VHS tapes & sell them in my local surf shop!