World Eating

I dreamed that I floated at will in the great Ether, and I saw this world floating also not far off, but diminished to the size of an apple. Then an angel took it in his hand & brought it to me & said, "This must thou eat." And I ate the world.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

This profound quote has always had an impact on me, because I think it somehow describes the delicious wonderment of travel. I am so thankful for the the opportunities I have had to explore a few special places across the planet, & I'm excited about the new journey I'm about to tread.

Tomorrow I am returning with my family to the land of my forefathers, the Basque country of Spain, & I am deeply stoked & awed & grateful. I'll be there to explore my heritage, make new friends & document the experience for my next film. Blog posts may be few & far between, but I'll try to drop in every now & then.

We have been counting sleeps with the kids. Today we woke up & happily howled, "One more sleep!" Yeeeewwwww!


  1. yeeew indeed. Have fun beautiful brown people.

    xo em

  2. happy travels favourite family! looking forward to many tall tales & true on your return

    un beso

  3. don`t forget to go to Zarautz while you there quite a bit 20 years ago... euskal herria. Have a good time.