Ancient Curves

I just finished making this traditional 8'10" alaia from a single slab of cedar. It was a deep pleasure & therapy to work with such beautiful timber. I get goosebumps just thinking about getting these ancient curves running across a wave. Thanks to Paul & Sage Joske for the inspiration, & my little Noa for the shots.


  1. Ancient curves never looked so appealing to me!! ;-)
    Awesome job anaia Oldfield!

  2. Beautiful! Just out of curiosity, are you going to use oil or varnish to seal it? Just made one out of local northern white pine here in Maine, wasn't sure which way to go.

  3. Beautiful. Thats two new boards I'm hanging to have a look and sea. Kay and I are thinking of you guys. David.

  4. Xabi: mila esker anaia. Come to Australia & have a try.

    Joe: one part linseed oil & one part mineral turpentine. Couple of coats, with a day or so in between so it really soaks in. Send me a photo of your alaia, I'd be stoked to take a look.

    Dave: thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it. We should get together for a surf soon mate. I'd love to check out your handplanes.

  5. This is it, unfinished. Decided to go with marine vanish the first time around -- the idea of this thing water logging brought a tear to my eye. Next one I might use a power planer and oil it!