Feliz Año Nuevo

My good friend Marina has developed a beautiful family tradition where, before we begin the evening meal, we go around the table & every one present has the opportunity to share what they're grateful for about the day. Someone might say "The surf" or "Ice-cream" or "My friends". It's a simple thing, but it's a wonderful way to practise thankfulness. I like gratitude because it keeps you humble & helps keep things in perspective.

I was thinking about the year that's nearly finished & reflecting on what I was thankful for about 2011. There's so many things, really: new friends, old friends, a journey to homeland, Basque brothers & sisters, gifts, sunrises, waves, fresh air, freedom, employment, food on the table, shelter, beauty, art, love.

But at the top of the list there's always family. I was reminded of this yesterday at sunset when my wife & I were walking off the beach with these three, who decided to carry our new Tom Wegener bellyboard on their heads, just like their Dad was carrying his log. It looks like a staged family photo but it was actually a moment of spontaneous family team work captured quickly on my phone. Thanks, creator, for the gift of my children & their lovely mum, my best mate. They are my heart's truest treasures & I am truly grateful.

Happy new year mates. As always, thanks to all of you who drop in to this small part of the interwebbery to have a Look & Sea.


  1. Happy new year brother!! All the best to you & the family

  2. happy new year nathan - hope this year brings you much joy.

  3. Happy New Year to all of you!

    Lots od kisses at home!



  4. I look at your beautiful family and it makes my heart smile. x

  5. You are truly gifted anaia! I can only wish for a family like yours, wife and kids. It's been a dream come true to finally meet you all and I hope we can meet again soon. These days are sad for me but memories like the moments we lived cheer me up.
    Kisses and hugs of love!

  6. Oh! And Happy New Year! Urte Berri On! :-)

  7. Happy new year Nathan.

    Hope everything workout great for you, wish you all the sucess in the world.

    As family and friends go, you seem to have done just fine, so I wish that everything keeps as it is, and ofcourse you keep being blessed with moments like in this photo here. The most amazing thing is that sometimes people forget to be thankfull for their family and friends, or at least people forget to show they feel that way...but not you. That is amazing.

    All the best,

    Pedro Pires.

  8. Thanks for the kind thoughts friends.