A new addition to the quiver, built over a surfless weekend. Thanks to Brownfish Handplanes for the inspiration.

Seeking Tunes

Hello friends. I threw this out on the blog a couple of years ago & thought I'd have another shot. I'm in the home stretch of editing my third feature length surf film. It'll be out by the end of the year. I'm really excited about the music I've secured for the movie so far, but I'm still seeking out a few tracks.

As I'm an independent filmmaker on a self-funded budget, one my biggest challenges is sourcing music for film projects. I have some friends in bands who have generously given me their music in the past. They have been happy to give me their work for free in return for having their music reach a wider audience through surf films. Lots of them have told me it’s been beneficial to have been involved, in terms of helping them to get their names out there. Obviously, it's good for all of us.

So I'm writing in the hope that there may be people out there reading this who are making music, or friends of people making music, who'd like to submit some of their work.

It'd sure be nice to hear from you. You could email me mp3s, or if you prefer snail mail me a disc of songs. Please contact me at nathanoldfield@yahoo.com if you're keen.


Fish Fry

The Sixth Annual Alley Fish Fry is nearly upon us. More information here.

Summer Glass

Always a pleasure to find a bit of summer glass at a hidden back beach. Photo from a few weeks back by old mate Mac Rae.

InnerViews / Johnny Abegg

Cyrus Sutton & the KTV crew put together this short about my good mate Johnny. Try watch.

Seaworthy Showing

My film Seaworthy is showing for free at St Matts in Manly this Thursday night at 7.30 pm, as part of the Australian Open Of Surfing festivities.

The Avthentic Story

This is the new trailer to my good friend Rudy Jacques' upcoming film, The Avthentic Story.

Morgan Maassen / Travers Adler

This little short by Morgan Maassen featuring his buddy Travers Adler is right up my alley. Pure, uninhibited, uncontrived, happy surfing.

Come & Meet Mr Pipeline

Patagonia is hosting three visits from Gerry Lopez next week, free of charge. You can meet him in Manly, Torquay or Currumbin. Details below.


Here's my good mate Brett enjoying a happy little mat session at an out of the way favourite spot from a few weeks back. Brett marries his beautiful Little Em today, on Em's birthday, under a fig tree on a hill up in Byron. We so wish we could be there to share it with you dear mates. We're deeply happy for you both. Congratulations! Savour! Enjoy!