Seeking Tunes

Hello friends. I threw this out on the blog a couple of years ago & thought I'd have another shot. I'm in the home stretch of editing my third feature length surf film. It'll be out by the end of the year. I'm really excited about the music I've secured for the movie so far, but I'm still seeking out a few tracks.

As I'm an independent filmmaker on a self-funded budget, one my biggest challenges is sourcing music for film projects. I have some friends in bands who have generously given me their music in the past. They have been happy to give me their work for free in return for having their music reach a wider audience through surf films. Lots of them have told me it’s been beneficial to have been involved, in terms of helping them to get their names out there. Obviously, it's good for all of us.

So I'm writing in the hope that there may be people out there reading this who are making music, or friends of people making music, who'd like to submit some of their work.

It'd sure be nice to hear from you. You could email me mp3s, or if you prefer snail mail me a disc of songs. Please contact me at if you're keen.



  1. Hi Nathan. Someone in my family works in the music industry.
    He is right now the tour manager of the band: Sleigh bells (they performed on Saturday Night Live last weekend.
    The Band has a pretty different sound mixing different styles Here I am posting you a couple of tracks i think might work for a film or video. If you like any of their song it will be no problem to get permit, as i will ask him personally to let you use them.
    Big Abrazo!

    here is the band review:

    Infinity guitars:

    Rill rill:

  2. Hey Nathan, I'm a musician living in Seattle.. surf is 2.5+ hours away, so I tend to write more music than paddling nowadays. I'd love to submit some tracks. There is more information and some samples on my band's website: i'll also follow up with an email, as we're in the midst of recording now and have other material that isn't on the web.
    Thanks for checking it out!
    Ryan Cline

  3. Hey Carlos & Ryan. I just emailed you guys. Thanks!

  4. Hey Nath,

    I'd love my music to be in one of your films, always have! My publishing company won't let me give stuff away for free these days (boo!) but i'll speak to them and see if there's anything i can do about waiving a fee.


  5. Hi Nathan.
    Check out this page with some Song snippets. Maybe you'll like it.


  6. Hi Nathan,

    Have look at my Sergeant Pluck himself. I would really appreciate sharing my music for your film. If you interested just feel free to contact me, I own all the rights in the tracks, the label we're signed on, is my own.

    There's another band I'm playing in, you should have a look at too:

    Best regards from Austria

  7. Hi Nathan,

    just want to drop you a little note after reading this.
    The Water Safety
    5 Piece combo with singlefin trimming attiude :)