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Kassia Meador just sent this through. It's beautiful. Especially with headphones. Try watch.

The Heart & The Sea

Filming in the Basque Country. Photograph by Xabi Irure.

As most of you know, I've been working on my third movie for three years now. It'll be coming out later this year. After lots of thought & more than a little procrastination, I've finally come up with the title for the film.

Naming a movie isn't easy, it's almost as difficult as naming a child. There's lots of names out there that are possible, but there's only one you can commit to, & once you do it sticks for life & there's no changing it down the track. Maybe I over think things, but when you pour so much of yourself into your work, I guess that tends to happen.

Anyways, I'm calling my new film 'The Heart & The Sea', because it is about the journey of a surfing life, the relationships we share with family & friends, & the intimacy we share with the sea as surfers.

I hope to share more photographs, anecdotes, teasers & eventually the trailer for the film here soon. As always, thanks for taking the time to drop in to Look & Sea.

Adam's Garden

Here's a little thing I put together for my dear old mate Adam. We have been as close as brothers since we were groms in high school. Adam has the greenest thumb of anyone I know. He is a gardening wizard, full black belt level, seventh dan of the seventh dan. His new website went online today. Check it here if you're into such things as edible gardens & living landscapes.

A Deeper Shade Of Blue

I grew up watching Jack McCoy's films. The first ever surf film I saw on the big screen was Storm Riders back in the mid eighties at a local community hall. I've watched all of his films since then, & been so inspired by his vast inventory of work. His contribution to the genre of surf films can not be overestimated. So it's with real anticipation & excitement that I look forward to finally seeing Jack's masterpiece, A Deeper Shade Of Blue, this week at my local movie theatre. I'm extra stoked because I think a couple of my shots made the final cut & the film features a few close friends. The film is playing nationally in selected theatres here in Australia. See here for details.


Clovis Donizetti, at home in hometown waters in Saint Jean de Luz.


Homelessness, Plaza Real, Barcelona.

The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. Mother Teresa

Pillage & Plunder

A collaboration brought to you by the salty buccaneers of trim at The Critical Slide Society and the master foam mowers at Thomas Surfboards. Featuring the slidal tendencies of Jake Bowrey, Jacob Stuth, Little Man & Thomas Bexon. Documenting the making and sliding of the TCSS x Thomas Surfboards Pillage Model.