A Blessed Land

Everyone who has visited the Basque country longs to return; it is a blessed land. Victor Hugo It's been a year since we travelled as a family to the Basque Country, to have the adventures & to build the friendships of a lifetime. You'll be seeing part of that journey in 'The Heart & The Sea.' It's a story I'm looking forward to telling, & I just hope my filmmaking skills can do the experience of my heart some justice.


Erika Susperregui, happy in summery hometown waters, Zarautz, Basque Country; still from 'The Heart & The Sea.'

The Sea Of Possibility

A short by Nicholas Damen featuring old mate Jack Lynch scoring chilly slipperies in Tasmania. Surfboard by Sage Joske.

Happy Belly

Tom, Margie, Finley & Sunday Wegener heading to the beach to share some happy belly moments, from 'The Heart & The Sea.'

Ham Sandwich

Chris Del Moro, a ham sandwich moment from 'The Heart & The Sea.' "When Lance goes out at Malibu, he really gives the place a going over. He stays in just the perfect spot on the wave, which is right in front of the whitewater, in the breaking part of the wave called 'the curl'. The main object in surfing is to always remain in the curl, stay as close as possible to the whitewater without actually getting caught by it. All the manuvers in surfing, turning, stalling, trimming, riding the nose, are directed toward the ulimate aim of staying in the curl. Lance's real speciality is noseriding. A lot of surfers run up to the nose. A lot run up and right off the end. Lance usually stays around for awhile. He's so realaxed up there you get the feeling he could have a ham sandwich while he's waiting around." Bruce Brown, 'The Endless Summer', 1966.

The PJ Special

A rad little short by Harry Triglone, featuring Heath Joske riding a 5'8" singlefin shaped by his brother Sage, modelled after a couple of boards their father Paul was making in the late seventies.

Knee High

If you're in the Byron Shire tomorrow night you might like to check out this sure-to-be-epic group art show presented by the good folk at Art Park.

Here & Now

This new film from Taylor Steele looks epic. Try watch.

World Oceans Day

This Friday night to celebrate World Oceans Day, Keith Malloy's epic film 'Come Hell Or High Water' will be showing at my mates' cafe, The Glass Onion Society. I'll be showing a brief sneak peek of 'The Heart & The Sea' & Luke Aloyisus Gallen will be DJing on the night. All proceeds will go to Take 3, a local non-profit organisation that helps keep our beaches clean.

First Day Of Winter

I prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape - the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn't show. Andrew Wyeth