Our mate Dan made some photographs of us recently, enjoying a quiet winter's day as a family. It's not always easy being on the other side of the lens, but I am stoked & grateful to have some photographs of our little family that we can treasure for a lifetime. Dan arrived late morning, while we were hanging at home, then we all took a walk down to our special place. It's a little cove, hidden down in the national park, a place I have loved & surfed since I was a boy. The local Aboriginal people, the Kuring-gai, called this stretch of coast 'Bouddi', which translates as 'heart', 'heart place' or 'heartland'. This place truly is heart country for us, as it's where we gave our daughter Willow's ashes to the sea nearly seven years ago. Life is a strange journey. I almost can't believe, looking at these photographs, that here we are, seven years later, still standing. But now our family has grown & there are five of us, & one forever in our hearts. Here we all are, in our heartland, a family looking out & looking forwards.

Welcome Indiana

My film's called 'The Heart & The Sea' because it's about relationships & a surfing life. One of the biggest highlights for me in making the movie has been the new life-long friendships I have found. I am especially grateful for the mateship I have found with this man, Johnny Abegg, & his beautiful partner Lizzy. This week they welcomed their firstborn son into the world, Indiana Johnathan Abegg. There's been much rejoicing in our house. Welcome to the world Indiana, we can't wait to meet you little man!


Jared Mell, still from 'The Heart & The Sea.' It's been a while since I've written anything in this little blog. I've dropped a few photos on it every now & then, but neglected to share any words of substance. I haven't been able to give this space much thought lately, as I've been pouring all of my creative efforts into finishing my film 'The Heart & The Sea.' Speaking of which, there should be a trailer for it up online soon. In the meantime, I'd just like to offer my thanks for those who still drop in to 'Look & Sea'. I'm grateful & encouraged by your interest in my thoughts, photographs & films. Thanks friends.

Byron Bay Surf Festival / Surf Shorts

If you have a short surf film in the works, you might be interested in including it in Surf Shorts, which is a new feature of the annual Byron Bay Surf Festival. The prizes are pretty epic! More details here.


Tom Wegener burns our names into a paipo that he made for our family. This is what 'The Heart & The Sea' is all about: family, friends & surfing.