Our mate Dan made some photographs of us recently, enjoying a quiet winter's day as a family. It's not always easy being on the other side of the lens, but I am stoked & grateful to have some photographs of our little family that we can treasure for a lifetime. Dan arrived late morning, while we were hanging at home, then we all took a walk down to our special place. It's a little cove, hidden down in the national park, a place I have loved & surfed since I was a boy. The local Aboriginal people, the Kuring-gai, called this stretch of coast 'Bouddi', which translates as 'heart', 'heart place' or 'heartland'. This place truly is heart country for us, as it's where we gave our daughter Willow's ashes to the sea nearly seven years ago. Life is a strange journey. I almost can't believe, looking at these photographs, that here we are, seven years later, still standing. But now our family has grown & there are five of us, & one forever in our hearts. Here we all are, in our heartland, a family looking out & looking forwards.


  1. lovely Nath. Lets not beat around the bush, Eliza is a babe.

  2. Yep. Brown sugar. Always has been. Queen of my heart.

  3. Beautiful images. Right now, I am siting at work and I am trying to transport myself to the place in the photos. The part about your daughter torn me apart; yet, the serenity of your words put me back together. I loved your film "The Heart & The Sea"-there is so much life to it. So nostalgic: perhaps, that is the aspect of life that surfing nowadays is missing.
    Thank you for taking the time to share your art and perspective of the world.