The Heart & The Sea: Trailer

The Heart & The Sea: Official Trailer from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.

Finally, here's the trailer to 'The Heart & The Sea.' After working on this for over three years, it feels good to get this out there to give people an idea about the heartbeat of the film. I hope you like this first glimpse. As an independent filmmaker with zero advertising budget, this little clip is all I have so please share it with your friends! Thanks for taking the time to have a look into 'The Heart & The Sea' &, as always, thank you for visiting this small corner of the interwebs.


  1. YEW!! Well done once again, Nathan, can't wait to see it

  2. Epic. Congrats mate, amping to see it in full!

  3. That looks amazing. super stoked..

  4. wow nathan, looks fan-freakin-tastic, another beautiful movie, i am sitting at work, it is cold today and very onshore, i have just watched the trailer and all i want to do is run to the beach and get in the water, thanks for the inspiration, cheers mike c from slopgroveller blog

  5. Ooooh yes, looks beautiful!

    Is it all set in the Basque country or does it go beyond?

  6. Whow...cheackmate !
    Once again, dear Nathan, many thanks for your sensitive eye !
    Great choice of music as usual. Looking forward to watching it !
    We love and follow your work here in south west of France and basque country. I put it on my blog.

    Congratulations Maestro, You've done it !

    Best regards,


  7. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the support!