T.C.S.S. Presents: A Doc-umentary

T.C.S.S. Presents: A Doc-umentary from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.

Here's a short I collaborated on with a few talented people for The Critical Slide Society. Enjoy.


  1. Mate, I own all your DVDs and enjoy your work BUT please tobacco? I gotta say I was shocked to see Doc puffing away. Yep I know it's legal, but is this the message we want our kids to pick up on?

  2. Gday Neil. Thanks for the feedback. I guess my work's always been about documenting things as they are in a place in time. I try to keep things uncontrived & authentic. I didn't shoot this, but as an editor I just tried to represent events as they happened, as I usually like to do, & to keep in sync with the whole 'Doc'-umentary theme of the piece. It was never intended as an endorsement of tobacco use.