Redirecting at my local. Thanks to my mate Mike Brown for the photograph.

The Heart & The Sea / iTunes & DVD

'The Heart & The Sea' is now available on iTunes. Here's the link. But if DVDs are more your thing, you are most welcome to order a copy directly from me. Please email me if you'd like to order 'The Heart & The Sea' on DVD. $40 in Australia, $50 worldwide, includes shipping. Many thanks for supporting independent surf filmmaking.


A photo I made of my mate Az Frost with one of his handcrafted creations, that was included among some outstanding photographs in the current issue of White Horses magazine. It's a special issue, entirely shot & scribed on the first day of Winter, & well worthy of your attention. 

The Sea For Me

NALU Magazine

NALU Magazine have included a DVD compilation of some of my short films & an article in their latest issue. Arigato NALU!

The Mystery That I Seek

'The present moment, just the way it is, already is the perfect manifestation of the mystery that I seek.' James Finley.


Johnny Gill - surfer, shaper, husband, father & all round good human - testing one of his Keyo handshapes near home.

Byron Bay Surf Festival / Surf Shorts Film Competition

I'm really happy to add my own small contribution to those already being made by the great community of people involved in the Byron Bay Surf Festival. I will be mentoring winners of the Surf Shorts Film Comp. If there's any up & coming surf filmmakers out there, get your short films entered into the competition by September 27th. Here are the details. I look forward to checking out your work & I hope to see some of you there.

White Horses Magazine

Subscribe to White Horses - a visionary, thoughtful surfing magazine published quarterly - and receive a free copy of The Heart & The Sea. Sounds like a good deal to me! Details here.

Kassia Meador / The Heart & The Sea

After much codec wrangling & boring, complicated geeky stuff, I've finally got my film 'The Heart & The Sea' onto iTunes worldwide. You can finally download & watch the whole film now in full, saturated, lush HD.

To celebrate, I've released this excerpt from the film online, featuring the elegant sliding of the lovely Ms Kassia Meador.

I'd be stoked & thankful if you share the link around. Cheers!

The Heart & The Sea

I've always liked this photograph, because it reflects what my film The Heart & The Sea is really all about: a community of friends sharing the joy & wonder of a surfing life. If you haven't seen my film yet, you are most welcome to order a DVD directly from me. Please email me if you'd like to order The Heart & The Sea on DVD. $40 in Australia, $50 worldwide, delivered to your door. Many thanks for supporting independent surf filmmaking. 

Boundaryless Miracle

'If we could experience all that a single breath really is, then we would experience God. We would experience the totality of God - manifesting herself, manifesting himself - as the ungraspable immediacy of all that a single breath simply is. The ungraspable fullness, the boundaryless miracle of life, just as it is.' James Finley

Taka's Treehouse

A very beautiful short film most worthy of your attention.


A photograph I took of my friend Brett Caller in an ad for Nineplus, as featured in the latest issue of Foam Symmetry magazine.


Cyrus Sutton has just released his latest offering, Compassing, a short film in search of freedom. It's beautiful. Try watch.

Bodying Forth

'The universe is God's body, because it is bodying forth the love that utters it.' James Finley.