The Involvement Dream

This Saturday night, with the support of Patagonia, I'm presenting a short film at the Byron Bay Surf Festival. Entitled The Involvement Dream, it explores Belinda Baggs' journey with a 1968 Wayne Lynch Involvement Model surfboard. 

These are stills from the short, including shots of a sixteen year old Wayne surfing at Narrabeen in 1968, from Bob Evans' film 'High On A Cool Wave'. I was really honoured to have been given access to some archival footage from the Bob Evans estate for use in the short. As an aficionado of surf history & surf films, that was a big deal for me. 

Along with presenting the film, I'll be participating in a panel alongside sea sisters Belinda, Lauren Hill, Taylor Miller and Sasha Leitmanis, where we will discuss women's surfing, design, life, the universe & everything. 

After the discussion, there will be a screening of the Wayne Lynch documentary Unchartered Waters, followed by a Q&A with Wayne & filmmaker Craig Griffin. It should make for a special evening. Details about tickets are here.

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