'Seaworthy' and 'The Heart & The Sea' DVDs

Alex Knost, a moment from back in the day shooting my second film Seaworthy.

You are welcome to buy both Seaworthy and The Heart & The Sea DVDs from me directly. The price is $40AUD including postage anywhere in Australia and $50AUD including postage anywhere in the world. For a double DVD package of both films, the price is $70AUD and $80 AUD respectively. 

FYI: - Seaworthy is 76 minutes long and The Heart & The Sea is 85 minutes. – Both DVDs have a ton of extras. - Both DVDs are region free and will play anywhere. - Seaworthy has French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish language subtitles and The Heart & The Sea has all of these as well as Basque and English for the hearing impaired. 

If you'd like to place an order, please email me at nathanoldfield@yahoo.com & I'll send you a Paypal request.

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