The Involvement Dream

The Involvement Dream from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.

Hello friends, I've just released a short film I made for Patagonia called 'The Involvement Dream.' 

Patagonia Ambassador Belinda Baggs rides a surfboard designed in 1968 by fellow Patagonia Ambassador Wayne Lynch. This design came to Wayne in a dream and he called it the Involvement Model. It became the one board quiver that he rode around the world. Nearly forty five years later, Belinda explores what riding that surfboard feels like.

When we look back at that time, we can see that in a few little hotbeds of surfboard design around the globe, boards were getting shorter, outlines were getting curvier, rails were coming down in volume, fins were getting sleeker and moving forward. Wayne Lynch’s Involvement Model is a classic example of these kind of transition era boards. 

So it’s interesting to me at least to see Belinda go back to this kind of transitional board four decades later and reinterpret it with a kind of postmodern retrospective, as a woman with her own rich heritage in Australian surfing; as a well-rounded quiver enthusiast familiar with both the longer & shorter ends of surfcraft; & of course as a world-class logger. I hope you enjoy the film. 


Margaux Arramon-Tucco | Australia from RVCA on Vimeo.

A short film I made for RVCA, featuring a day in the life of my lovely friend from France, Margaux Arramon-Tucoo. I hope you enjoy the film & of course would be grateful if you shared the link. Merci beaucoup!

MAREMOSTRA Palma International Film Festival

Spot Maremostra 03. PresentaciĆ³n de la tercera ediciĆ³n de Maremostra Palma International Film Festival from SOLWORKS on Vimeo.

'The Heart & The Sea', playing soon at the MAREMOSTRA Palma International Film Festival in the Mediterranean. If the Balearic Islands are a little too far from home you can always purchase the film on iTunes or buy a DVD from me directly.

You are welcome to buy both 'Seaworthy' and 'The Heart & The Sea' DVDs from me. The price is $40AUD including postage anywhere in Australia and $50AUD including postage anywhere in the world. For a double DVD package of both films, the price is $70AUD and $80 AUD respectively. 

FYI: - 'Seaworthy' is 76 minutes long and 'The Heart & The Sea' is 85 minutes. – Both DVDs have a ton of extras. - Both DVDs are region free and will play anywhere. - 'Seaworthy' has French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish language subtitles and 'The Heart & The Sea' has all of these as well as Basque and English for the hearing impaired. 

If you'd like to place an order, please email me at & I'll send you a Paypal request.


Gathering Trailer from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.

This is the trailer to a new short film I have made called Gathering. Featuring Dave Rastovich and friends, the film was commissioned by Tracks Magazine and will be available exclusively with their upcoming July issue. Please share this link around if you can. Thanks for supporting independent filmmaking.

A Happy Blur

The last couple of weeks has been a happy blur of good waves & good people. Here's a sample.


A joy & privilege to spend some time in the sea with this gracious gentleman, Mark Cunningham, one of the surfing world's most widely respected watermen. Here MC slip past my lens on my bellyboard made by good friend Tom Wegener


David Rastovich, moments from a short film I'm working on with him called Gathering.

Liquid Salt Kickstarter

Drop in to give my friends at Liquid Salt some love via Kickstarter. Gracias amigos!

Seeking Tunes

Hey friends, I'm currently living on a little patch of paradise up the coast working on some film projects. Once again, I'm on the search for music to complement some surf movies. As an indy surf filmmaker I can't afford to pay artists, but in the past I've managed to collaborate with musicians who have shared their work with me for free in exchange for having their music reach a wider audience through my surf films. Lots of artists have reported that having their tunes in my online shorts & feature films has been good for promoting their work & gathering fans. If you're a music maker & feel like you may have some work to contribute, please contact me via email on I look forward to hearing from you. Ideally, I'd be happy to receive mp3s that I can spend some time with while I'm out & about rather than online links. Please spread the word & tell your mates. Muchas gracias amigos.


Local mat rider, beaming.

Bellyboard Bliss

Low tide slipperies with the alaia that old mate Tom Wegener made for me in Seaworthy. Hard to find a better board when the tide's out & little tunnels are spinning down the sandbank. Thanks to Mac Rae for capturing some moments.