Seeking Tunes

Hey friends, I'm currently living on a little patch of paradise up the coast working on some film projects. Once again, I'm on the search for music to complement some surf movies. As an indy surf filmmaker I can't afford to pay artists, but in the past I've managed to collaborate with musicians who have shared their work with me for free in exchange for having their music reach a wider audience through my surf films. Lots of artists have reported that having their tunes in my online shorts & feature films has been good for promoting their work & gathering fans. If you're a music maker & feel like you may have some work to contribute, please contact me via email on I look forward to hearing from you. Ideally, I'd be happy to receive mp3s that I can spend some time with while I'm out & about rather than online links. Please spread the word & tell your mates. Muchas gracias amigos.


  1. I have discovered so many great artists through your films!

    1. Thank you. I put a lot of time & effort into sourcing music so I'm stoked that soundtracks I've selected resonate with you.

  2. I'll put out the word, mate. Maintain the stoke.